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Our Mission

We invest in justice-involved individuals and families by providing
education, training, and resources.

Our Story

 The Growing Indy Group is dedicated to addressing community needs by providing information, education, resources, and training to justice involved individuals and families living in impoverished and underserved neighborhoods. 

The Growing Indy Group began in 2015 as a radio show featured on the Radio Next airwaves. The weekly segments were geared towards raising the consciousness of the city and bringing a focused awareness to the plight of justice involved individuals, their families, and the barriers they face. Our initial interviews were with community resource and service providers, but as root causes such as (food deserts, mental health, trauma, recidivism, neighborhood crime & violence and generational poverty) began to surface, we quickly realized we needed to enlist the services of city officials and other agencies who had the power and influence to bring about productive and lasting change.


As the hundreds of calls to the Radio show brought a new understanding of family and community needs, there came a time when talking about the issues and the need for change was just not enough. It was clear to make a lasting sustainable difference we had to become part of the solution. From the topic discussions, and community feedback, a focus on the needs of justice involved individuals and families emerged. Based on these informational outcomes the 501c3 Growing Indy Group was created. 


Dedicated to fostering the advancement of justice-involved individuals and their families, The Growing Indy Group embarked on formulating strategies aimed at tackling underlying issues identified through community polling and engagement. Our approach involved forging partnerships and avenues aligned with residents' perspectives on the most critical needs, with a focus on promoting and enhancing positive family dynamics.

Meet Our Staff

Richard S. Samuels

Founder and President 

Richard founded the Growing Indy Group with the vision and drive to improve equality for all by educating and mentoring the underprivileged and underserved in order to that they achieve self sufficiency and meet their goals.

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Icie Marie Hinton

Executive Administrator

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Meet Our Board of Directors
Thank you to all who
have collaborated with us!

This is a partial list. If your agency or organization needs to be listed, please let us know.

  • ACLU

  • Amplify Indy

  • Aspire Indiana

  • Boys & Girls Club of Indianapolis

  • Cafe' Far Eastside Community Center

  • Care Source

  • City of Indianapolis, Violence Reduction Team

  • Community Action of Greater Indianapolis

  • Goodwill Industries

  • Indy Read

  • Laundry & More

  • Marion County Clerk's Office

  • Marion County Health Department

  • Meridian K Consulting

  • Tata Coaching

  • Virtual Assistant Services

  • Vision Wealth Group

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